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The average American worker has less than $1,000 in savings. That means, losing work due to an unexpected illness or disability can be devastating for an employee and their family. The good news is if you are an employee who becomes ill or disabled and cannot work, you may be eligible for short or long term disability benefits. 

What is short term disability? 

Short term disability insurance policies cover employees who are out of work due to temporary illness or disability for less than one (1) year. The insurance policy can be provided as a benefit by an employer or purchased separately by an employee.

What is long term disability?

Long term disability insurance covers employees who find themselves out of work for an extended period of time due to an illness or injury. The insurance policy can be provided as a benefit by an employer or purchased separately by an employee. If the policy is provided by an employer, the claim is usually governed by the complex rules set forth in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. If an employee purchased the policy, the claim is subject to Pennsylvania contract law.  

Why do I need a lawyer to assist with my short or long term disability claim?

Unfortunately, short term and long term disability applications are lengthy and complex, and a determination of eligibility for benefits can take a long period of time. Applicants are often denied benefits due to minor application mistakes and many applications are rejected even when the claim is legitimate. Whether you are filing the initial application, appealing a denial or filing a lawsuit, an experienced disability lawyer in Qualified Counsel’s network can assist you at any point in the process to increase your chances of obtaining benefits.

What should I do if my disability application is denied? 

If your short term or long term disability application is denied, it is highly encouraged that you seek counsel from a reputable attorney with extensive experience in this field. While disability claims may seem simple, they require extensive medical evidence. An attorney can help you compile these documents and provide representation at your hearing. 

How can Qualified Counsel help?

Qualified Counsel’s network has experienced short and long term disability lawyers. With an attorney at your side, you not only relieve yourself of a lot of the workload associated with a short and long term disability claim, but also increase your chances of receiving benefits. Qualified Counsel can connect you with a lawyer who specializes in disability benefits and provides the type of legal service you’re looking for.

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