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We want to find you an attorney that you can count on. That’s why we analyze each potential case and utilize the latest technology to connect people with attorneys they can trust.

The Case

We obtain and analyze the basic facts and potential legal issues of your case to find attorneys with the right experience, skill set and financial resources to prepare your case as if it were going to trial and maximize the recovery.

The Client

We account for a variety of factors specific to each client such as location, abilities, limitations and the type of service each client expects an attorney to provide. We believe that an attorney that is cognizant of each client’s specific needs is an important factor in achieving a great result.

The Lawyer

After analyzing your case and personal needs, we will match you with an attorney who is qualified to handle your case and provide you with the service you expect.

What our clients are saying..

I contacted Qualified Counsel after being held against my will at a local establishment. I personally spoke with the founder who explained the unique nature of my case. He personally searched high and low for the right attorney. He found one of the few attorneys with experience handling a case like mine and we achieved a great result. - Jerome B.